What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an important therapeutic tool that can help people overcome many psychological, emotional and even physical problems.   

It is not brain-washing, or a form of magic, nor is it mind control where you will do or say things you don’t want to reveal about yourself.  Through hypnosis we can we can achieve a deep level of relaxation and quieten our conscious mind.

Most of us have already been in a hypnotic state at some point in our life.  

Have you ever gone into a relaxed, zoned-out state? For example, when you're watching your favourite TV show, or reading a book where you're completely absorbed in the story, or hanging off every word in an audio book or podcast and you just zone out and get lost in the moment. These are all examples of being in a hypnotic state, which is a completely normal, natural state of mind.

In this state, we have a great control over our mind and our body, because we aren't thinking in the day-to-day busy sense. You can also tune out to your worries and doubts, perhaps about your job, finances, your to-do list, your relationship or family concerns etc. These concerns all fade away as you just focus on the show or movie, or whatever else has you in that zoned-out state.

What's very important is that in this state, you are highly suggestible and this is where the role of the hypnotherapist (and also with self-hypnosis) comes in. Their role is to be a skilled coach or therapist that guides you into this relaxed state, so they can then make therapeutic suggestions to your unconscious mind using the words and language patterns aligned with your new goals.

In essence, hypnosis is being in a state of mind and a state of consciousness where we move ourselves into a relaxed meditative calm state. And in this state, we still have all our sense, but we quieten our conscious mind, and from there we can assess our unconscious mind directly to make positive changes to our beliefs and mindset.