Bianca Andreescu and Visualisation

“I’ve been visualizing ever since I was 12 or 13 when my amazing mother introduced me to it … I find it very helpful … I believe we create our reality with our mind.”   

The incredible victory Bianca Andreescu scored against Serena Williams at the 2019 U.S. Open is one she had visualised many times over and over.

Visualisation has been part of Bianca's daily routine for years.

In Bianca's visualisation of her win against Serena, she saw herself holding the trophy after winning the game and receiving her winner's cheque. These are important details in her visualisation imagery and a crucial part of her strategy that formed her winning mindset.

Bianca visualised her dreams to became a reality.  Visualisation in sport is nothing new, especially at this professional level of competitive sport.    Serena herself is quoted as saying 70% of the game is in your mind.

Professional athletes use visualisation and self-hypnosis regularly to see every single detail of the game in their mind, to prepare themselves for all the scenarios they might need to deal with in the match or tournament. So you might think how does this relate to you and me?   I’m not trying to win the US Open how can visualisation help me,  but as I say in many of my business coaching sessions, your US Open is unique to you.  Your winning moment might be going for the pay rise, securing the venture capital you are after, studying so you can move into a new position, recruiting the right team for your start up, or visualising yourself presenting at a meeting with confidence.  Your victory moments are unique and personal goals for you.

It's important to acknowledge that of course Bianca has also put in a phenomenal amount of physical training to become an incredible tennis player and athlete. She has put in years and year of physical training on and off the court, but visualisation is powerful training for the mind, think of it as training for your mindset, and what the mind believes the body will follow.