Mind Games

Great athletes all share a common practice,  and it’s called self-visualisation.
Great sportspeople don’t just wake up the day of their match and kick that winning goal, they don’t just run out on to the tennis court and ace their opponent, or jump into the pool and do their best 100m freestyle.  No, not at all. You see in the lead up to their games, matches or meets, along with all the years of physical training and preparedness, they have also done intense and specific mental visualisation.

Great sportspeople all share a very significant mental practice, and it's called self-visualisation or self-hypnosis.   Whatever their goal is, they visualise it over and over and they see themselves winning the match, kicking the goal, the crowd cheering, holding that trophy up in the air,  and so on.   Every detail of their win and success is imagined and visualised in precise and consistent detail.

Serena Williams has previously said, "Tennis is 70% mental... I won most of my matches, probably all of my grand slams, because of upstairs, not anything else."
Boxing legend, Muhammad Ali was a master of telling himself and seeing himself the winner. He visualised every match in exact detail, mentally going over and over his game plan in the ring. 

So the question then is how can we translate this skill into our everyday lives. Can winning in life be a matter of the mind.  Imagine if you visualised your dreams and goals in detail, over and over in your mind.  Make your dreams a reality, see and imagine your goals.