Ditching Your Inner Critic and Creating An Inner Friend

We all have those voices that echo inside our head – some of them are helpful, and some of them are hurtful, harsh and judgemental. That hurtful voice and negative inner dialogue is what we call our “Inner Critic”.
Whilst this voice might mean well, it can hold us back. Learning to manage that inner voice can bring positive changes to your life.  
Neuroplasticity research shows us that the brain is malleable - that it grows with effort and experience. With repeated practise (repetition), neural networks foster new connections and strengthen existing ones.   Visualisation is also a helpful technique to change your relationship with different emotions and be in more control of them.
Download the Inner Critic workbook to :
Identify your Inner Critic dialogue.
Understand your triggers.
Identify your Inner Critic mindset and move towards building an Inner Friend mindset.
Visualisation techniques to practice and create new, more productive thought patterns for yourself.
See attached PDF to download.